The action to defend Palestine at Monas was flooded with a sea of people, here are some of the national figures who attended

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The action to defend Palestine at Monas was flooded with a sea of people, here are some of the national figures who attended
Aksi bela palestina di monas ( Ilustrasi foto Twitter/Ai Bing Dall*E )

DEPOSTJOGJA.COM - Tens of thousands of people came to attend the action to defend Palestine at Monas, Sunday (5/11/2023). This action is a form of support and defense of the rights of Palestinians.

Observing from various video sources, it appears that they are wearing all white clothes and waving the Palestinian flag, some of them are wearing headbands or turbans bearing the Palestinian flag.

Several government officials were also seen attending, such as DPR Speaker Puan Maharani, DPD Deputy Chair Sylviana Murni, and MPR Deputy Chair Jazilul Fawaid.

Then, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) Muhadjir Effendy, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, and Minister of Religion Yaqut Choumas.

Apart from that, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, who was present along with several other high-ranking officials, seemed to be the favorite figure. Before speaking, the organizers played a video excerpt of Retno's speech at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly forum at the end of last October.

“I speak not only in my capacity as foreign minister, but also as a woman, mother and grandmother. I beg you to stop this killing, protect civilians, allow humanitarian aid to come in. Use your heart for justice and humanity," said the video played at the podium.

Not only that, in the action to defend Palestine at Monas, Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas invited the masses present at Monas to perform unseen prayers.

“I just want to invite everyone to join in performing supernatural prayers for the martyrs who were victims of Israeli aggression. "We also pray that the Palestinian people will soon gain peace, justice and independence," said Yaqut.

Currently the war between Palestine vs Israel is still raging. Most recently, Hamas launched an attack on Israel some time ago, which killed at least 1,400 Israelis, mainly civilians. Hamas also kidnapped around 240 foreigners.

Israel responded to the attack by attacking Gaza, which is a Hamas stronghold. The enclave, home to around two million people, is now in ruins. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said at least 9,448 people had died in the territory, and another 140 in the West Bank.

The Indonesian government on Saturday sent 51.5 tons of humanitarian aid to Palestine, in the form of medicine, food, blankets, children's and women's supplies.



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