5 Reasons Why Children Have No Appetite, Parents Must Know!

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5 Reasons Why Children Have No Appetite, Parents Must Know!
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DEPOSTJOGJA  - If a child loses or has no appetite, this often happens. This also makes parents anxious because their children have difficulty eating.

Sometimes this makes parents stressed because their children don't eat enough.

There are several reasons why children have no appetite, and it is mandatory for parents to know what the reasons are, because parents must restore their child's appetite again.

If the child continues to refuse to eat, the child's growth and development will be hampered.

So here are some reasons why children have no appetite, citing various sources.


  • Illness or Health Condition

Infections or digestive disorders can make children lose their appetite. Because certain diseases or conditions can be the main cause of loss of appetite.

There are several disorders that can cause children to lose their appetite, namely digestive disorders, dental problems, hormonal disorders and other disease problems that have a high influence on children's appetite.


  • Emotional Changes

Children can experience emotional changes and can cause children to lose their appetite, this occurs due to stress.

Emotional changes such as anxiety or changes in the environment will affect a child's appetite.


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  • Bored with the same old food

If children are bored with food, their appetite will decrease because the food is the same type or it could be considered that the child's food is too monotonous.

It's the same as adults, if we eat the same food with the same taste, this can also make us bored and not have the appetite to eat.


  • Disturbances in Child Growth

If children are growing or developing, children can lose their appetite because their bodies are developing.

This can happen at any time and this phase results in fluctuations in appetite.


  • Food allergies

There are certain foods that can reduce a child's appetite. This can occur due to a reaction to certain foods or textures that are considered unpleasant. Because children have sensory processing disorders.

These are some of the common reasons why children have no appetite. Because if a child experiences problems or has no appetite, parents are obliged to restore the child's appetite. (EricaRF)

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