Typing Using 10 Finger Method will be Very Easy

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Typing Using 10 Finger Method will be Very Easy
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DEPOSTJOGJA - Typing is easy, almost everyone in the world can type.

But not everyone can type quickly and accurately. There are various ways to type quickly, some can type quickly using only two fingers and there are techniques using ten fingers.

Typing has become a must-have skill for people in this modern era.

If you can type using the ten finger technique your typing speed can be 2 times faster or even more, you can save time every day.

The average typing speed using two fingers is 27 – 37 words per minute (kpm) while using the ten finger technique is 40 – 60 kpm.

Each finger is given its own part or portion to consistently press the key on the keyboard.

Typing without looking at the keyboard and using our ten fingers when typing.

When you learn or memorize the key positions of each finger, don't look at the keyboard. This way, your muscles will remember movements and even key patterns.

The following is the correct position of the right hand fingers when applying the 10 finger typing method:


- Index finger: letters J, H, U, Y, M, N, numbers 7, and 6

- Middle finger: letters K, I, comma (,), and number 8

- Ring finger: letters L, O, number 9, period (.), and Alt

- Pinkie: colon (:), quotation mark ('), Enter, letter P, square bracket ({}), backslash (\), question mark (?), and Shift and right Ctrl

Thumb: focus on space. The right thumb is used if the left finger was the last person to type

Apart from adjusting the position of the fingers of your right hand, you also need to pay attention to the position of the fingers of your left hand. The following is the placement of each finger of the left hand on the keyboard.

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- Index finger: letters F, R, V, G, T, B, numbers 4 and 5

- Middle finger: letters D, E, C, and number 3

- Ring finger: letters S, W, X, and number 2

- Pinkie: letters A, Q, Z, number 1, Alt, ~ sign, Tab, Caps Lock, Shift and left Ctrl, as well as the Windows key.

Thumb: Focus on spaces. Like the right thumb, you only need to use your left thumb if your right finger was the last person to type.

Remember the various basic shortcuts you need, such as CTRL + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste), and so on.

That way, you don't need to spend time switching hands from keyboard to mouse.

When you learn to type with 10 fingers, of course you want to be able to type quickly. Don't be influenced by this thought.

So what you have to focus on is trying to type correctly first. Because if you can type correctly, your speed will increase automatically. (EricaRFeby)

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