Tips to Lose Weight Fast

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Tips to Lose Weight Fast

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It's crazy how detailed he explains step by step, it turns out that Nia Ramadhani's magic diet can lose weight with a Calorie Deficit after all.

In my opinion, the person has always been fat (not making PD) and confused about how to be slim like Nia Ramadhani. Even though Nia Ramadhani is fatter than my current body! If Nia Ramadhani can do it... I should be able to too!

I was inspired by Nia Ramadhani's transformation process, it turns out that if a person from fat becomes thin, his face can be very different, lol, guys.

Drink water before eating

According to research, drinking water before meals can help you lose weight. Drinking water before eating can make you feel full faster, so you can reduce the desire to eat large amounts of food.

In addition, you need to realize that thirst sometimes appears like hunger. So when you start to feel hungry, try to overcome it by drinking water first, and only eating at the right time. By applying this method, the number of calories you consume can also be reduced.

Do not forget breakfast

Did you know that breakfast is an important part of weight loss? With a regular breakfast, the desire to eat unhealthy foods or snacks is reduced.

Getting used to breakfast will also make you feel less hungry during the day. In effect, the desire to consume excessive amounts of food at lunch will also decrease.

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Consumption of the right food

For those of you who are undergoing a weight loss program, it is recommended to eat protein and fiber foods. Protein foods can help the body burn fat and become a source of energy. Choose healthy protein sources for the body, such as egg whites, yogurt, lean meats, seafood, soy, nuts, or cheese.

In addition to foods that are high in protein, multiply the consumption of fiber foods. Fiber foods can make you feel full longer but are low in calories. Fiber foods that you can consume include vegetables, fruit, foods made from whole grains, nuts, and wheat.

Eat-in small portions

You can work around this by using a smaller plate or bowl when taking food. According to research, eating with small plates or bowls can make you accustomed to eating small portions so that the number of calories that enter the body will also decrease.

Eating small portions but often, which is 4-5 times a day, is better in helping to lose weight than eating large meals 3 times a day.

Eat slowly

In addition to eating small portions, eating slowly and leisurely can also support weight loss. With eating habits like this, the body can send a satiety signal to the brain before you eat too much food.

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No need to avoid certain foods

There's no need to avoid the foods you love. If you stay away from these foods, your desire to eat them will become even stronger. So the key is not to stay away but to limit it. For example, you can buy individual cookies instead of buying them in boxes or jars.

Get enough sleep

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, make sure you get enough sleep. Because, when you are sleep deprived, the production of the hormone ghrelin which stimulates appetite can increase. The effect, you will eat high-calorie foods in large quantities. Of course, this will make your weight loss diet a mess.

Active move

It is no secret that exercise is always associated with weight loss. Exercise that is done regularly will help burn excess calories that cannot be trimmed just by going on a diet.

You can practice the easy ways to lose weight above as part of a healthy lifestyle. Do not be tempted by various diets to lose weight quickly, because they risk disrupting health and making it easy to gain the weight back.

If necessary, you can consult a nutritionist for a weight loss program. The nutritionist will provide a diet plan that suits your health condition.

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