5 Tourist Attractions in Lombok That Can Make You Young

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5 Tourist Attractions in Lombok That Can Make You Young


Besides being famous for its beautiful beach tourism, Lombok Island also has a unique tour that is a shame if you miss it when visiting there.

 The myth is that by coming here you can stay young and full of a positive aura.

 The following are the names of tourist attractions in Lombok that are believed to be able to make you stay young:

      1.Tomb of King Selaparang

 In this cemetery, there are three tombs, namely King Selaparang, King Selaparang's parents, and the tomb of Panglima Gajah Mada. The three graves are often visited by pilgrims to sow flowers and wash their faces with the water provided.

That said, washing your face with this water will make you quickly get a mate. There are several rules when visiting here, such as forbidden to take pictures, must take off footwear when visiting, to forbidden entry for menstruating women.

  1. Narmada Park

 In addition to being a tourist spot with beautiful views, this park is also a king's resting place. In Narmada Park, there is also a replica of Mount Rinjani.

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 There is also Bale Petirtaan, which is a place of water that is believed to make you stay young. No wonder this park is known as the water park of youth. Because it is considered a sacred area, women who are menstruating are prohibited from entering.

  1. Kelep Inflatable Waterfall

This waterfall has a height of about 42 meters. Underneath there is a fairly deep pool. Usually, the visitors bathe in the pool. The rushing water flow fell from the cliff covered with greenery.

The water source comes from Segara Anak Lake, Mount Rinjani. According to the myth, washing the face in this waterfall can make us look more youthful. 

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  1. Sweet Jeruk Waterfall

You can also visit Jeruk Manis Waterfall. This waterfall has a beautiful view and clear water. This waterfall which is under the foot of Mount Rinjani has a myth that it can cure various diseases.

In addition, it is believed to nourish hair, you know. For certain diseases, there are traditional rituals performed by stakeholders or local communities.

  1. Mayung Putek Waterfall

In the Sasak language, Mayung Putek means 'white deer.' This place has a mythical white deer that comes to drink and bathe in the waterfall. 

This waterfall also contains sulfur from Mount Rinjani. This makes the water white. The sulfur content is believed to be able to cure skin diseases. 

Apart from the various myths that exist, the places above are very worth visiting when you are on vacation to Lombok. What number of places will be on your next holiday bucket list? (NN)

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