A Recipe To Make A Green Chili Squid For Your Better Lunch Ever!

Kuliner —Kamis, 29 Jul 2021 14:24
A Recipe To Make A Green Chili Squid For Your Better Lunch Ever!


Making a decision sometimes feels quite challenging. Moreover if you have to choose some best options while in the same time you have a huge desire to choose those all, including in the stuffs of food. Oh, it feels like all matters for our beloved stomach, right? Haha . But please do not worry too much, I mean if you would like to be worry a little okay let it flow, but do not overwhelmed by it continuously until all the option must be vanished or grabbed by its chance.

Well, today we have a little recipe that may entertain your appetite in a lunch moment, that is exactly made by squid!
Wohoo! Who is here particularly loves seafood? Me too, lah. Me too. Hmm , alright. You know guys, there are so many creation and recipe you can create or made even produced mainly from seafood. There are really endlessly recipe towards it. Due to its amazing taste that the seafood itself have – it could so far often leads your tongue to dance over and over again while it must be combined with various spices and flavors. And for the squid itself today that become our main character is kind of seafood that commonly produced into something more well–tasted, usually people loves to mix it with spicy spices, and so on.

The squid, you know guys, it is one of many seafood that affordable and quite easy to find. It has various prices in the modern or somewhere like supermarket nowadays, and also in the traditional markets. Hmm , but I am too worried to be treated in deceit! Wiwiwi! Please do not worry, as long as you can do such bargain to the seller, you will not be easily be defeated or trapped in the fraud.

Maybe you could first do such a few research on your smartphone about what exactly the current price of the squid in the public market, thus you will knows the real price of it, moreover how to react to those seller if they try to deceit you off.

Back to the drawing board again.

Now, allow me to share a recipe that perhaps could useful for your better lunch today. Cannot wait to try it in your kitchen? Just prepare it away, girls!

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- Ľ salty squid
- 10 green kinky chilies
- Around 4–5 red kinky chilies
- 3 evil chilies (people here in Indonesian commonly called this type one with “evil” due to its taste that extremely spicy)
- 6 onions
- 3 garlics
- 2 pieces of bay leaves

- A tiny little cut of galangal
- 5 pieces of lime leaves
- Lemongrass
- Shrimp paste
- Eatable Oil
- ½ teaspoon of sugar
- Salty soy sauce
- Salt
- Drinkable water

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1. First, boil the water with then put the salty squid into it until it seems bloomed.

2. After the squid looks quite bloomed, you can cut it into some tiny pieces based your desire, then wash it all for the salty could be decreased.

3. In order to make the sauce, you can prepare the materials, such as garlic, onion, green chili, evil chilies, shrimp paste, all of that could be blended it seems more softer. But please, be aware to do not blend the leaves such as bay leaves, lime leaves, galangal, and lemongrass

4. Put a pan on the stove, turn on the stove then.

5. Pour a little eatable oil, then put all the already blended spices into the pan then stir it by a big wood spoon till it becomes more odorous.
If this blended spices have already getting odorous, you can put all the other left leaves that we have been prepared before, and add some water into it.

6. Also add a little salt, a little salty soy sauce, a bit of sugar, stir it along.

7. Well now, you can also put the salty squid into the pan, stir it again.

8. Check the taste until it fits with your desire, then serve it for your families for the best of the lunch ever!

By: Dyah Purbo Arum Larasati

Editor: Rere

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