Sate Ambal Culinary Typical of Kebumen

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Sate Ambal Culinary Typical of Kebumen
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Kebumen has a unique culinary, although almost all regions have this one culinary, the name is Ambal satay. The satay made from chicken is the main ingredient, the difference and uniqueness lie in the seasoning or sauce, which in other areas usually uses peanuts as a seasoning ingredient, now this Ambal satay uses mashed tempeh, unique isn't it?.

History of Sate Ambal
Sate Ambal is a typical Kebumen culinary that is well known everywhere, the word "Ambal" is the name of a sub-district on the southern coast of Kebumen Regency, Central Java. It is said that the beginning of this Ambal satay appeared when the Regent wanted healthy special food and used ingredients available in Ambal. Finally, Ambal satay was born and became known in 1870.

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Currently, sellers of sambal satay have spread across Kebumen Regency, not only in the Ambal area. When we passed in the Kutowinangun sub-district, we saw many Ambal satay vendors on the side of the road, and their location close to each other made us curious to stop by. Trying to talk to the seller, who turns out to be the 3rd generation. His name is Mr. Sholikin who sells his parents for generations.

Burned with Coconut Shell Charcoal
In contrast to chicken satay in some areas, especially the dominant taste of the seasoning is sweet, but the spicy and salty taste is quite pronounced. According to Mr. Sholikin, Sate Ambal is soaked first with 20 types of spices, wow, it's not as bad as foreign-made chicken. After soaking for about 2 hours, the next process is to burn it without using soy sauce, for a sweet taste use brown sugar (brown sugar). One more uniqueness of Ambal satay is when it is burned using charcoal from coconut shells, it gives a very distinctive aroma. For those of you who are traveling, you can try the Ambal Culinary Satay, typical of Kebumen Regency, the price is guaranteed to be safe in the pocket, keep the health protocols so that your trip is safe and enjoyable, happy culinary.

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