The History of Kopi Joss Yogyakarta

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The History of Kopi Joss Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Depostjogja 

Kopi Joss is a typical Yogyakarta coffee, it is not uncommon for tourists to come to Yogyakarta to just taste Yogyakarta's typical Kopi Joss. The inventor of kopi joss did not come from Jogja, but from Klaten, Central Java, his name was Lek Man. Many of its customers are from East Java. They asked to make kopi kothok , which is coffee beans that are boiled directly with sugar.

Lek Man couldn't make the coffee, so he made a new coffee called Kopi Joss. Added hot charcoal into a finished cup of coffee. As a result, the coffee becomes very hot like kopi kothok . That's when the sound of joosss was heard which became the inspiration for the name of this coffee. When tasted, there is a slightly bitter aroma and taste that comes from the charcoal, thus creating a unique, unforgettable sensation.

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The benefit of adding hot charcoal is that if the charcoal is heated, it will turn into benefits for the body. This ingredient can bind to excess gas-producing substances in the digestive system, so it can treat flatulence and stomach acid. Activated carbon can also detoxify, whiten teeth, expel body odor, and prevent premature aging.

But there is also something to note about this kopi joss, namely the activated carbon contained in it can cause dehydration. It can be dangerous if kopi joss is consumed in excess. If you are enjoying kopi joss, don't forget to enjoy it together with toast, cat rice, and fried food.

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