Are You Strong To Eat Spicy? Check out the Hottest Chili in the World

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Are You Strong To Eat Spicy? Check out the Hottest Chili in the World

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For those of you lovers of spicy, of course, incomplete if the food you consume does not contain chili. Starting from meatballs, Soto, fried rice, everything must have a high level of spiciness. But if you are given a row of the hottest chilies in the world

can you eat it? SHU (number of spiciness level scales) some even reach millions

Pepper X

The first level is pepper x, where the spiciness level reaches over 3,200,000 SHU. The creator is Ed Currie who also created the Carolina Reaper.

With that level of spiciness, of course, the spicy taste is no longer in doubt. Do you dare to eat it?

Dragon Breath
The hottest species in the world is cultivated in England. If you eat dragon breath chili, your skin will feel numb. Having a spiciness level of 2,483,584 SHU, this chili can also be used as an anesthetic

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Carolina Reaper

This type of chili comes from Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States. It has a spiciness level of 2,200,000 SHU.

Quoting from the South China Morning Post, there was a 34-year-old victim whose symptoms were neck and head pain after participating in a contest eating the Carolina reaper chili. Even though the victim only ate one Carolina Reaper chili.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

This chili comes from Trinidad, Tobago precisely in Moruga. Although the shape and color do not make sure that the chili is spicy, in fact, this type of chili has a spicy level of 2,001,000 SHU.

If you just eat it, it will taste sweet but wait a while you will feel the sensation.

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