5 Love Languages or How Someone Expresses His Love

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5 Love Languages or How Someone Expresses His Love


Love language is a way for someone to express their love for others. This is not only about romantic relationships. But it can also be applied to various other relationships. If the love language is not found, a person will not feel loved properly.

Everyone's love language is different, of course. This love language is the most preferred way a person expresses his love.

The concept of love language or love language itself was introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman, an American author of Five Love Language. He dissected further the principle of communication in a relationship. From there, Gary introduces a love language that can be applied to various types of relationships. It can be romantic relationships, family, to friendship.

The concept of love language was introduced by Gary Chapman in the book The 5 Love Languages, namely:

1. Service

Love by lightening the burden of responsibilities, such as helping with household chores.

2. Quality time

Love by spending quality time.

3. Giving

Loving by giving something meaningful, even if not luxurious.

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4. Praise

Love by giving compliments and making your partner feel loved. This is the most common love language.

5. Physical touch

Love by holding hands, hugging, and more.

Because of the different love languages ​​in each person, it can make couples even feel unloved. That's why it's important to understand each other's way of showing their love

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