Goosebumps! Pocong Sumi Yogyakarta's house, the ghost of a snake with a human head and Pocong

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One of the legendary horror stories comes from a building known as the Sumi Pocong house. Which is located in Yogyakarta. This house has been standing for hundreds of years, to be precise it has existed since the 1860s and was once inhabited by a minister during the Suharto government.

The shape is like a house building, except that it was built using Dutch colonial architecture. Some of the creatures that inhabit the house are represented in the form of carvings made by the housekeeper, his name is Pak Nono.

Given the nickname Pocong Sumi's house, of course, because this house is identical to the appearance of the Pocong that always haunts the residents. According to the story, Sumi or Sumini is a woman who with her husband once inhabited the house in 1935.

Unfortunately, one day, when Sumi is alone, the house is attacked by three violent robbers who plunder the property and take Sumi's life.

Sumi is sadistically raped and then killed by strangling her to death.

It is said that this heartbreaking story is the background of the frequent appearances of Pocong Sumi.

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In the courtyard of this house, there is a table complete with teacup decoration.

This area is inhabited by many small children but old faces, very small in size and distended stomachs
There is also a female ghost who has been murdered by the occupants of a room who is often seen during the day when suddenly there is blood splattered on the walls and floor.

Not only that but in this house, there is also the figure of Ms. Putri. The figure spreads the fragrance of jasmine flowers, he is said to be a good person.

Mbah Putri will accompany the people who visit and her presence can be felt from the scent of jasmine that follows.

And what's even scarier is the figure of a snake with a human head. Snake body and head. It's just that if the figure is angry, its head turns into a human head.

This old house that has been empty for more than 40 years is often a destination for courage testers to prove the awesomeness of this house, how do you want to try to see it? -RES

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