35 Years It's Been Kahitna Accompanying Our Love Stories With His Work

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35 Years It's Been Kahitna Accompanying Our Love Stories With His Work

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If we are a generation that grew up and grew up in the 1990s, of course, we are already familiar with the name Kahitna. This music group from the flower city of Bandung was formed on June 24, 1986, exactly today 35 years ago. The band, led by Yovie Widianto, is known as a band that always carries romantic themes in its lyrics.

At the age of 35 now, Kahitna has proven that they have achieved various achievements in the country's music industry. Kahitna's long journey from 1986 which has lasted until now seems to be an achievement that the band from Bandung has become one of the legendary bands in the country's music industry.

The keyboardist who is also the brains of most of Kahitna's hit songs, Yovie Widianto said that the strength of their fans is one of the motivations for Kahitna to continue working to produce songs that can be accepted by music lovers in Indonesia, from generation to generation.

The arrival of Kahitna at the age of 35 years has certainly been passed by various twists and turns of the journey. When their first album, titled 'Cerita Cinta' was born in 1994, they were a pop group that had just moved from jazz.

The formation is Yovie Widianto (keyboards, piano), Bambang Purwono (keyboards), Harry Suhardiman (percussion), Budiana Nugraha (drums), Andrie Bayuadjie (guitar), Dody Isnaini (bass), and a trio of vocalists occupied by Carlo Saba, Hedi Yunus, and Rony Waluya.

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Then the band's formation changed slightly when they released their second album "Cantik" in 1996. At that time there were only eight people left after Rony Waluya decided to leave. The composition of eight personnel with the same people continued to last until the albums "Till Later" (1998), "Permaisuriku" (2000), and "The Best of Kahitna" (2002).

In 2003 Kahitna returned to have nine personnel. Yovie and his friends included Mario Ginanjar as a tandem for Hedi and Carlo. While the other person remains the same. At that time they released "Love Is Gone", an album that further confirmed Kahitna's evolution as a romantic pop band.

Three years later, in 2006, Kahitna released another new album titled "Soulmate". Then in 2010, they returned with a fresher package, but still soft through the album "More Than Just Beautiful".

To accompany her grand concert in 2011, the album "25 Years of Love Story" was presented by Kahitna to her loyal fans. And, five years later Kahitna gave birth to "Secret of Love" which contains 11 songs.

All the notes above show that Kahitna has always existed and will continue to exist. However, after turning 35 years old, it is natural for people to ask: where will they go next?

And in fact, Kahitna has no intention of retiring from the music world. This is proven, on March 15, 2019, Kahitna gave a sweet gift to her fans in the form of a new song entitled "A Thousand Months, A Million Nights". The song, which began to appear in 2012 ago, is a marker for Kahitna's achievements which have persisted since its founding on June 24, 1986.

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"A Thousand Months, A Million Nights" presents several features that are characteristic of Kahitna. Like wanting to invite his fans to look back for a moment, back to the early days when this band was born from the womb of fusion jazz. However, this time through more smooth jazz.

And at the beginning of 2020, Kahitna planned to celebrate her 34th birthday by holding a 7-day party entitled 'Kahitna Week'. Where the seven days will be filled with a series of interesting concerts, of course.

However, it seems that this big goal seems to have failed to be realized, because as we know that the corona pandemic in the country has not shown a decline, even until 2021. Hopefully, after this epidemic subsides we can participate in the series of 'Kahitna Week' parties which will certainly decorate our love stories. (OAK)

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