Danger! This Is What Happens When Our Body Scrapes

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Danger! This Is What Happens When Our Body Scrapes

Yogyakarta, Depostjogja 

Many people believe that scrapings can heal or get rid of colds, but scrapings cause blood vessels to burst.

Most Indonesians, if they have a cold, will usually be treated with scrapings. Scraping itself is known as an alternative medical therapy by rubbing or pressing the surface of the body, which is believed to 'remove' the wind.

This method of rubbing and pressing the surface of the body causes skin pain. Changes in skin color after scraping are a sign that the fine blood vessels (capillaries) beneath the surface of the skin have ruptured. This is dangerous, because when a blood vessel bursts, it can become a breeding ground for germs and can cause local infections or more severe conditions because germs are carried by the bloodstream to all parts of the body.

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Causes and Symptoms of Colds
It's the same if you have the flu, the symptoms you often feel include fever and fatigue, hard shoulders when pressed, headaches, stuffy nose, flatulence, nausea, cough, and sore throat. Health experts think that this disease is a symptom of the arrival of the flu, even though the community turns out to provide a difference between the two.

In addition to frequent interactions outside the home, colds can also be caused by bad habits, such as often staying up late and sleeping late, irregular eating patterns that cause stomach bloating, too much caffeine intake, and frequent smoking. Without realizing it, this bad habit makes you more susceptible to colds.

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