Read the explanation! Why You Are Often Angry

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Read the explanation! Why You Are Often Angry


Anger is actually a normal emotion, just like crying or laughing. However, if you get angry easily, even for no reason, this condition can not only be bad for those around you but getting angry for no reason can also be a sign of certain health conditions.
Everyone's emotional level is different. There are people who can control their emotions well, but there are also people who get angry easily or get emotional.
Someone's anger is usually caused by various things, such as being offended, feeling unfair, disappointed, and so on. However, certain health conditions can sometimes trigger a person to be angry even if there is no cause.
Anger triggers for no reason
Actually can not be said to be complete without a reason. Anger that occurs can arise for a variety of different reasons. The following factors can cause anger to appear suddenly:
1. Stress
One of the biggest triggers experienced by most people is peaking stress levels in the body. Excessive stress and anxiety will affect your health and mood. If left untreated, you can experience drastic mood swings.
2. Premenstrual syndrome
Premenstrual syndrome or PMS usually appears one or two weeks before your menstrual period. Symptoms that often appear are mood swings followed by changes in appetite and fatigue. Symptoms that appear may be different for each person and also in each cycle. This can happen because of changes in the hormone estrogen that goes up or down drastically.
3. Hormone imbalance
Thyroid hormone imbalances can also cause unpredictable mood swings. This condition is also known as hypothyroidism or a condition in which the thyroid gland cannot produce sufficient amounts. If this happens, the most common symptoms are restlessness and anger for no reason.
4. Lack of sleep
Having trouble sleeping is actually like harboring a “time bomb” that will explode at any moment. Sleep problems that are often experienced by many people are lack of sleep per day. According to a study, adults aged 18-60 years need at least 7 hours of sleep every night.
It is not uncommon for adults to reduce their sleep time because they do more work. This reason makes you suddenly angry for no reason the next day. This is because you become difficult to control emotions because the body feels very tired.

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5. Feeling less cared for
Many people who are not aware they already have the disorder feel that they are not being cared for. This has started since childhood which is characterized by hyperactivity or impulsivity. In addition to irritability, this disorder can cause excessive anxiety, focus problems, to time management skills.
6. Bipolar disorder
Bipolar is a brain disorder that causes sudden, dramatic mood swings. Some people with bipolar disorder have a tendency to get angry easily. They also feel overjoyed, then suddenly restless. Not infrequently too, many people with bipolar disorder do things without long consideration.
How to deal with anger without cause
The anger that comes may be out of your control, but there are ways to defuse it when it does. Here's how to deal with anger that you can do:

Start to catch your breath and force your brain to calm down
Get rid of dramatic thoughts and turn them into rational thoughts
Finding the best solution for the problem that is the cause of anger
Try the principle of “explain not express” when angry and communicate well
Learn to manage stress with a range of therapies
Take a break
When these sudden and unexplained emotions start to interfere with daily activities, immediately seek help from a specialist. That way, you can minimize the risk of bad social relationships with family, friends, or coworkers.

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