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Yogyakarta, Depostjogja

Yogyakarta is known as kasongan which is loved by many tourists, both from ordinary people to artists. Kasongan is much in demand because it is unique, distinctive, and legendary, so many people like it.

Kasongan is also a tourist destination that is sought after by tourists when visiting Yogyakarta. Indeed the price looks more expensive than plastic decorations, but the uniqueness and sincerity in making kasongan make the price of kasongan high.

Kasongan Village, a village located in Kasihan District, Bantul Regency.

one of the objects that are much sought after and in interest by consumers, one of which is the Loro Blonyo statue. A statue of a bride and groom that is believed to bring good luck if placed in the house.

There, visitors can also make the pottery using clay. There, tourists can also feel the natural beauty in every work made by the indigenous people of Kasongan village.

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Kasongan has been worldwide so that many foreign tourists deliberately come to Yogyakarta to buy Kasongan typical of Yogyakarta.

Not even a few foreign tourists make their pottery and then take it home and become a matter of pride for foreign tourists.

Then don't miss eating chicken at Mbah Cemplung, because the chicken is unique and uses chicken that is raised in Kasongan village so it's not surprising if chickens are passing by in Kasongan village.

If we think that Kasongan village must be a village far from the city center, we are all wrong. This village is very close to the city center, only about 8 km or 1 hour from the city center.

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