Staying at Acaya Ayu and Enjoying the Beauty of Mbluluk Beach at Gunungkidul

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Staying at Acaya Ayu and Enjoying the Beauty of Mbluluk Beach at Gunungkidul
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If you are a connoisseur of the beauty of the beach and you are currently in Yogyakarta, there is nothing wrong with going to one of the regencies which are famous for its beautiful beaches. Gunungkidul Regency has many beautiful beaches with white sand, one of which is Mbluluk beach. The location is located between Baron beach and Kukup beach, if you are on Baron beach before the entrance to Kukup beach there will be a path to the right to Mbluluk beach, don't be surprised because all the paths are not paved, still dirt and rocks.

For those of you who love to enjoy the beach, we recommend staying at a very unique inn called "Acala Ayu" the rooms are made of wood and are located on a karst hill cliff. If you are with your family, it will be more exciting to experience staying here, how can you not open your room door every time you will be treated to the beauty of the Mbluluk beach area to the east of the intimate beach and Kukup beach, wow, it's so beautiful.

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Currently, in Acala Ayu 6 rooms can be rented, consisting of 5 regular rooms and 1 room for families, of all rooms 3 rooms have bathrooms with open concepts, but keep your privacy and security, it's really fun, isn't it, take a shower with an open concept and of course accompanied by the waves of the south coast, the sensation cannot be forgotten. Besides that, you can enjoy the beach by relaxing and taking pictures with the background of the Indian Ocean, very cool.

The cost of staying at Acala Ayu is IDR 400,000 for Couples and IDR 800,000 for Family, this price is for weekdays, while on weekends or national holidays for Couples it becomes IDR 500,000 and Family becomes IDR 1,000,000. The facilities that we can get are WiFi, Swimming Pool, Breakfast and Toiletries. For breakfast you will be served a menu of "Gandul rice" typical of Gunungkidul, adding to the excitement when you stay here. For those of you who want to stay overnight, you can make a reservation via WhatsApp number or through Acala Ayu's Instagram account. For location information, please click

Order : +62812-2932-9633

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