The natural beauty of Bojong waterfall at Sukahurip, wonderful!

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The natural beauty of Bojong waterfall at Sukahurip, wonderful!
Keindahan Alam di Objek Wisata Curug Bojong di Sukahurip Pangandaran (dry)

Yogyakarta, Depostjogja

Curug Bojong Tourism Object, which is located in Cihandiwung Hamlet, Sukahurip Village, Pangandaran District / Regency, West Java, has a natural beauty that is very interesting to visit. It is a pity, if we are in Pangandaran City, we do not visit natural attractions that have such unparalleled beauty.

However, since there was an outbreak of the Coronavirus and due to bad weather that hit Pangandaran, the tourist location of Curug Bojong had to be closed. Now, when the hard times because the virus has started to subside, this tourist attraction will soon be reopened.

Head of Kompepar Curug Bojong Sukahurip Village, Piping Haryana, said that the Curug Bojong tourist attraction was closed due to the impact of the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, coupled with heavy rains that hit Pangandaran which often caused flooding in the tourist attraction.

"Because it was dangerous, we were forced to close the tourist area. And now according to the plan starting April 1, 2021, it will be reopened," Piping told Depostjogja, Tuesday (30/03/2021)

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Piping said, Curug Bojong is an alternative destination for vacation, for tourists outside the region and locals. "The ticket price is fixed at Rp. 10,000 per person, based on an agreement between kompepar, the village, and Perhutani," he said.

Piping said, road access to the Curug Bojong tourist attraction is quite easy and is about 1,500 meters from the protocol road. This tourist attraction is a pilot, the facilities are still minimal, but will continue to be developed.

According to Piping, the Curug Bojong tourist attraction is quite safe, because apart from Kompepar there are also lifeguard officers. "Everyone is also involved if it's for security," he said.

Piping said that the area of ​​the Curug Bojong tourist attraction, which consists of three plots, reaches 12 hectares and is often visited by foreign tourists, including from the Netherlands and Korea.

"The tourist attraction of Curug Bojong has 4 waterfalls, including Curug Teko, Curug Malang, and Curug Cepuk which has 2 swimming pools, and Curug Bojong as high as 20 meters and has 2 pools as deep as 6 meters and 1 meter," he explained. (dry)

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