Beware of Addiction! Wandering Everywhere, Rawon Satan Surabaya

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Beware of Addiction! Wandering Everywhere, Rawon Satan Surabaya
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Rawon is a typical food that has a thick black sauce. Many are curious about this typical Surabaya food, it is not uncommon for tourists to visit Surabaya just to taste the typical rawon food there. Surabaya is famous for its viral rawon, Rawon Setan.

Tourists who hear the name Rawon Satan will think of spicy rawon or rawon from another world. But this rawon is called rawon devil because of its unreasonable opening time, which is around 11:00 p.m.

Rawon Satan has several branches, but the branch that is always crowded with visitors and is sought after by tourists is the one in front of the JW Marriot hotel.

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With so many requests from visitors who want to taste the rawon devil's taste, the opening hours have changed to 07.30 in the morning to 22.00 at night. So if visitors can have breakfast with rawon devil which has thick black sauce and abundant meat.

For the price of one serving of rawon devil, it doesn't dry out the wallet, the price is cheap but the taste is delicious. The price of one portion of rawon devil is priced starting from Rp. 25,000. But at that price, you won't regret going to Surabaya to just eat this devil's rawon.

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