Homemade Taro Milk Drink Recipe

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Homemade Taro Milk Drink Recipe

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Drinks made from taro or commonly known as taro which have an attractive taste and color. This taro can be processed into several healthy drinks and foods.

In addition to the distinctive color and taste, taro is also good for health. The benefits of taro, among others, are rich in fiber, can control blood sugar, can be used for dieting, and are good for gut health

Different foods are also different ways to process them, even though they are made from taro or taro. Some are processed directly from the tubers, some are using taro powder which is considered more practical.
This time we will make taro milk tea

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- 70 grams of taro powder
- 180 ml of hot water
- 2-3 tablespoons creamer or low-fat milk
- 2-4 tablespoons of liquid sugar or according to taste
- 60 grams of ice cubes

How to make:
1. Dissolve taro powder with hot water, stir until dissolved.
2. Pour into a shaker glass or a closed glass. Add creamer, ice cubes, and liquid sugar.
3. Beat until all the mixture is combined.
4. Taro milk tea is ready to be served in a glass.
5. Serve over the prepared bubbles in a serving glass.

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