Make a beautiful face by soaking your face in cold water

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Make a beautiful face by soaking your face in cold water

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Beauty is something that almost every woman wants. But unfortunately, not all women are confident that they are beautiful.

Ice water has many benefits for skin problems. Coldwater aka ice water can maintain the beauty of the skin by helping to soothe the skin while clearing it of various infections.
Using ice water on your facial skin twice a week can help clear up annoying pimples and blemishes.

In addition, you can also gently press (massaging) ice cubes into facial skin to help improve facial complexion. As a result, facial skin looks more beautiful and brighter.

However, before using ice water to relieve various skin problems, some things must be considered. As reported by Boldsky, here are the rules for using ice water for facial beauty:

First, you have to make sure the facial area has been cleaned properly by a facial cleanser.
After that, wash your face using a special facial cleanser. So, don't immediately wash your face with ice water, because you need to remove the remaining makeup residue that can't just be washed off with ice water.

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After the face is clean, apply ice water on the face to reduce excess oil and dust that sticks to the facial skin.

Oil and dust can clog pores and become blackheads if left untreated. With ice water, these two types of dirt can get rid of and make facial skin more radiant and bright.

While ice cubes are useful for shrinking large facial skin pores, ice water is also useful for keeping skin soft and the color more even.
In addition to its temperature which can dispel infection, ice water is also beneficial for facial beauty because it only contains mineral water, without other ingredients. That is, the ability of water to pamper facial skin becomes more leverage.

This trick to maintain facial beauty with ice water is good for oily skin owners. The reason is, ice water is very good for reducing excess oil on the face.

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