The Unique Joglo Traditional House in Central Java

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The Unique Joglo Traditional House in Central Java
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Joglo traditional house is a traditional house from Java which has 4 main pillars. The traditional Javanese house is divided into 2, namely the main house and the rumbahan house. The main house consists of several parts including pendapa or pavilion, peringgitan, overhang, omah dalem, senthong-kiwa, senthong Tengah, gandhok.

There are several types of joglo houses, including the ceblokan joglo, the joglo kepuhan limolasan, the joglo emblem sari, the joglo kepuhan jokes, the joglo kepuhan awitan, joglo wantah apitan, joglo limasan jokes, and others.

We should maintain this joglo house because the joglo house is a characteristic of Javanese traditional houses which is reflected on two sides, namely the exterior and interior.

The parts of the joglo house include:

1. Pendopo or pendapa, located at the front for receiving guests, formal meetings, traditional ceremonies, and performing arts

2. commemoration, the connection between the pavilion and the main house. Used to play puppets.

3. overhang, the front porch that connects the peringgitan with the house. Used as a place to relax.

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4. Omah, the main part or the inside of the joglo house. It is used as a residence for the owner of the house.

5. omah dalem, a closed room inside the omah which is divided into front, middle and back parts.

6. senthong, is on the inside which has three rooms.

7. gandhok, an additional building located on the left.

8. At the back of the house, there is a kitchen, bathroom, and well. The well is located to the east.

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