Enjoying the Beauty of Twilight with Love at Parangtritis Beach

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Enjoying the Beauty of Twilight with Love at Parangtritis Beach

Yogyakarta, Depostjogja

Yogyakarta is a tourist destination that is very much visited by local and foreign people. Yogyakarta or commonly known as Jogja has a thick Javanese custom, both in terms of culture, customs, and language.

Jogja always gives the impression of luxury, beauty, and admiration. Tourism and food have always been the target of everyone.

Jogja is rich in food, caves, and even the beach is one of the must-visit destinations in Jogja.

If you travel to Jogja, you should not miss the Parangtritis beach tourist destination. Because there is the largest sand lump in Southeast Asia that makes tourists want to see.

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If you want to go to Parangtritis beach, you only need to take 1 hour from downtown Jogja or about 28 km, or rather it is on Jl. Parangtritis km 28, Yogyakarta.

There is very beautiful if you enjoy the sunset by sitting on the sand near the beach enjoying the cool breeze.

But if you go there you have to be careful because the waves are a little big and if in certain seasons there is a jellyfish season that can sting the tourists.

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