The uniqueness of Malioboro Yogyakarta

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The uniqueness of Malioboro Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Depostjogja 

Malioboro Street is one of the three streets from the city of Yogyakarta which stretches from the Yogyakarta monument to the Yogyakarta post office intersection.

The word Malioboro comes from the name of Malborough, a member of the British colonial who occupied the Yogyakarta area from 1811 to 1816 AD. It is said that if you draw a straight line, Malioboro is an imaginary axis between the south coast, the Yogyakarta palace, and Mount Merapi.

Starting in 2019, a rule is applied that every Tuesday wage in the Malioboro area is free from motorized vehicles except for Trans Jogja public transportation and public service vehicles. With this new rule, many activities are held every Tuesday wage in the Malioboro area.

Malioboro is a legendary shopping area that is one of the prides of Yogyakarta. Being a shopping paradise as well as sightseeing, while on vacation to Yogyakarta, it feels incomplete if you haven't stopped by Malioboro.

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It's called a tourist paradise, because in Malioboro you can find many things, including cultural tourism, souvenir shopping, photo spots, and exploring the traditional culinary specialties of Yogyakarta.

Some of the historical heritage buildings that can be found in Malioboro include the Vredeburg fort, the presidential palace, the Great Building, the Bringharjo market, and the Malioboro shopping area.

Not only shopping, but tourists can also enjoy angklung music in Malioboro, which is held on Malioboro street, which is different.

This group of buskers carries the rhythm of traditional ethnic music combined with contemporary dangdut songs.

Not only angklung, the rhythm of this Malioboro busker's music consists of several musical instruments including bass, drum, mini drum, angklung, and a kind of kenong.
The combination of musical instruments forms a harmonious rhythm that is pleasant to listen to.

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