No need to go abroad, this Rembang tourist destination is similar to a Chinese building

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No need to go abroad, this Rembang tourist destination is similar to a Chinese building

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Rembang not only presents tourist destinations with natural nuances but also foreign-style tourist attractions. One of them is in the Lasem sub-district, this city has earned the nickname "Little China" because of the history of the entry of the Chinese into Lasem and its relics.
Not only China but also Javanese, Arabic, and Dutch. This can be seen from the buildings in Lasem, both in the form of residences and places of worship, which have interesting architectural forms with a blend of many cultures.
One of them is the China Kecil Heritage building which is a blend of Chinese and Indische Empire architectural styles.
The main characteristic of this building is the house building which is surrounded by high walls that are bright red and equipped with a small Chinese Heritage Lasem logo on the front.

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China Kecil Heritage Lasem can be an ideal tourist destination for tourists who are interested in Chinese culture and also love the beauty of ancient architecture.
China Kecil Heritage Lasem has an area of ​​about 45.04 km², Lasem has a lot of historical buildings, especially those related to Chinese culture.
Here a lot of various historical ancient objects as well as underground tunnels. The underground tunnel is a secret door that has been built since the Japanese colonial period and serves as a shelter as well as a secret door to escape if the Japanese troops make an ambush at any time.
When you first enter China Kecil Heritage you will see several seats and large statues of gods. There is a kind of board that contains pictures and writings that tell the history and journey of China Kecil Heritage.

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In the next room, there are two lion dances placed in front of the entrance and a large statue of a god. At the back is an old bright yellow well.
Not only that, in China Kecil Heritage Lasem there is a batik souvenir shop and cafe for tourists.
For tourists who want to experience staying in an ancient Chinese building, please try to spend the night at China Kecil Heritage Lasem which is located on Jl.Karangturi No.4/7, Mahbong, Karangturi, Kec. Lasem, Rembang Regency, Central Java 59271.

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