Zero Point Kilometers in Yogyakarta

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Zero Point Kilometers in  Yogyakarta
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Yogyakarta, Depostjogja

The zero kilometer point is an area that many tourists visit because it is close to tourist attractions. The hallmark of the zero kilometer point has some ancient and some vintage buildings around it. The zero kilometer crossing is not an ordinary intersection, because at certain hours we can watch treats such as dances or cultural attractions.

The object of the photo that can be seen from the zero kilometer point to the south is the Bank Indonesia building, the Post Office, and the BNI building flanking the road to the palace. In the north there is Jalan Malioboro as a tourist center in Yogyakarta. On Jalan Malioboro we will find the State Palace, Fort Vendebrug, and the March 1 General Attack Monument. Not far from the March 1 Serangan Monument, there is a statue of a typical courtier named Bedjokarto, this is a photo spot when we visit the zero kilometer point.

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If we go to the East of the zero kilometer area we will find a Smart Park, a park that combines games and education. And to the west from the zero kilometer point, there is Kauman Village which is a village area that has a big role in Islamic history.

The zero kilometer point is on the imaginary axis between Mount Merapi, the Ngayogyakarta Palace, and the South Sea. The center of government, trade and tourism is also around the area.

Therefore, the zero kilometer point of Yogyakarta can be developed to become a center of activity and tourists.

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