Malioboro Becomes the First Mall to be Built in Yogyakarta

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Malioboro Becomes the First Mall to be Built in Yogyakarta
Malioboro Becomes the First Mall to be Built in Yogyakarta | Pinterest

DEPOSTJOGJA - Yogyakarta is a tourist paradise in Indonesia that attracts tourists to visit. We can take a lot of history and science. Besides that, Yogyakarta is suitable as a place to make the mind fresher. One of the areas or roads that can be visited is Malioboro.

Malioboro is one of the main destinations for traveling in Java. Currently, Malioboro has become an icon in Yogyakarta with a strategic location. DIY Province does have many stories and attractions that are no less interesting than Bali.

For some tourists who visit, if you don't stop by Malioboro, you don't think you have been to Jogja. In Malioboro, tourists can enjoy various culinary delights and can buy souvenirs to take home.

At first, Malioboro was founded when it coincided with the establishment of the Yogyakarta palace. Malioboro is a Sanskrit word that means flower. This may have something to do with the past when the Kraton held a big event, Malioboro Street would be filled with flowers.

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Malioboro Street itself is very famous among the people of Indonesia. And you need to know that Malioboro became famous since the colonial era in 1790 when the Dutch government built the Vredeburg fort in 1790.

In addition to building a fort, the Dutch also built the Dutch Club in 1822, The Dutch Governor's Residence in 1830, the Java Bank, and the Post Office. It turns out that Malioboro street also had an important role in Indonesia's independence.

Previously, there was a battle between Indonesian fighters and the Dutch colonial around Jalan Malioboro. Until the battle was known as the General Offensive event of March 1, 1949, namely the success of the red and white troops occupying Yogya for six hours and proving to the world that the Indonesian army still existed.

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On the other hand, Malioboro provides public transportation such as carriages and there are some batiks to Jogja culinary delights that you must try. And Malioboro is included in the shopping tour in Yogyakarta. (PUT)

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